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Tips for traveler visiting Goa, India

Goa beach. Photo by Sumit Sourav on Unsplash

Tips for traveler visiting Goa - what to do and not do in Goa during vacation


What you should keep in mind when planning a trip to Goa, India? A few quick tips are provided by Goa Tourism official channel on Twitter, which clearly explains what you should and not do while traveling in Goa.

Goa travel advisory 2023
Goa travel advisory 2023. Image by Goa Tourism Twitter page

Discover the magic of Goa safely

Travel tips for tourists traveling to Goa, India in 2023
Travel tips for tourists traveling to Goa, India in 2023. Image by Goa Tourism Twitter page.

Travel tips for tourists in Goa:

  • No sneak photos!
    Respect the privacy of other tourists or strangers. Clicking their photos, especially during swimming/sunbathing is prohibited
  • Click safe selfies
    Avoid clicking selfies at dangerous locations like steep cliffs, sea rocks, etc. for your own safety.
  • Respect the heritage
    Damaging heritage structures or monuments is a criminal offense. Let’s protect our heritage for future generations.
Safe trip tips in Goa 2023
Safe trip tips in Goa 2023. Image by Goa Tourism page on Twitter
  • Keep Goa clean
    Littering is strictly prohibited in tourist areas and could attract a fine. Let’s keep Goa clean and garbage-free.
  • No beach driving
    Using 2-wheelers or 4-wheelers on beaches is prohibited and may lead to severe action or seizure of your vehicle.
  • Say no to drugs
    Encouraging peddlers or consuming drugs or narcotic substances is illegal. Indulging in these may lead to fines and imprisonment.
  • Keep roads safe
    While driving can be enjoyable, sobriety is essential. Don’t drink and drive.

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