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Most popular places of Kerala revealed

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The number of domestic tourists visiting Kerala has seen a dramatic increase in recent years, with 1.88 crore visiting in 2022


According to PA Muhammad Riyas, Kerala’s Tourism Minister, the number of domestic tourists visiting the state has seen a dramatic increase in recent years, with 1.88 crores visiting in 2022.

“1.88 crore domestic tourists visited Kerala in 2022. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the maximum number of domestic tourists who used to visit the state in a year was 1,83,84,233 which has now risen to 1,88,67,414, thus growth of 2.63% growth in 2022,” Kerala tourism minister added.

Additionally, the minister stated that six districts in Kerala have experienced the highest influx of tourists, namely Wayanad, Alappuzha, Malappuram, Thiruvananthapuram, Idukki, and Pathanamthitta.

The minister added that since the post-Covid pandemic, Kerala has gained popularity as a wedding destination.

“The destination wedding has emerged as a post-Covid trend in the Tourism industry. There are weddings conducted at far-off places where the bride and the groom travel with their friends and relatives”.

The minister underlined that European countries have an interest in Ayurvedic treatment, and the state is expected to become a Centre for the same.

“Kerala also succeeds in Wellness Tourism. European countries have an interest in ayurvedic treatment and Kerala is supposed to become its center, though it has not achieved it yet. The tourism department is planning to focus on the sector and to strengthen the marketing and planning for conducting a workshop, here,” he said.

The floating bridge of Kerala

The floating bridge project initially began in the districts of Kannur and Kozhikode, but the tourism department has plans to extend it to nine other districts. The department intends to fully utilize the potential for nightlife.

In early 2022, the state tourism department established a 100-meter-long and 3-meter-wide floating bridge at Beypore beach in Kozhikode for the benefit of tourists.

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