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Kenya expects an increase in demand from Indian travelers.

Nairobi. Photo by Murad Swaleh

Kenya is counting on the rising interest in leisure travel among Indian young adults and professionals to boost its tourism industry


Kenya is counting on the rising interest in leisure travel among Indian young adults and professionals to boost its tourism industry.

The goal is to surpass the 2019 figures of over 120,000 visitors from India, one of Kenya’s top five source markets for tourism. In 2022, arrivals from India saw a 93.2% increase from 42,159 in 2021 to 81,458 in 2022, representing a 67% recovery compared to the 2019 performance of 120,893.

Kenya’s High Commissioner to India, Ambassador Willy Bett, believes the Indian community has the potential to contribute to international tourism in Kenya. He notes that the current travel trend indicates that this segment has disposable income and is willing to travel to tourist destinations.

“This segment has really exploded in India and is ready to spend for their travels. Kenya is in the right position to tap into this market and grow the tourism business,” says the ambassador Willy Batt.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kenya is expanding its physical presence in India. A delegation of 14 travel representatives from the private sector participated in a three-day tourism exhibition that started on February 2, 2023, attended by over 160 exhibitors from other destinations.

In addition, Kenyan trade representatives have organized roadshows to engage in direct business-to-business meetings with Indian travel agents in major cities such as Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and New Delhi.

“Countries like Thailand are getting golfers from India, yet we as a country equally have better golf facilities spread across all regions of the republic, besides hosting European golf tour tournaments that have cemented Kenya as a golfing destination. This is the area we need to explore to its maximum.” says the high commissioner.

Fred Odek, Chairman of the Kenya Tourism Federation, stated that the exhibitions and promotional efforts by the trade in India are projected to result in a tourism increase from India to around 130,000 by the end of the year.

He emphasized that Kenya is well-equipped with tourism resources and capable of competing with other destinations globally. Furthermore, he pointed out that Kenya’s hospitality industry has been working to accommodate the evolving needs of today’s travelers.

“As a tourism sector, we have not been left behind in the dynamic demands of the traveller, the diverse tourism offering to meet the different needs of the visitor and value for money is what has kept Kenya as a destination above others,” said the Kenya Tourism Federation chairman.




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