European countries that offer easy visas for Indian citizens

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Which European countries offer quick visas for Indian citizens?


Considering the wait times for a Schengen visa appointment may be wise if you’re planning a European summer. Despite some improvement this year, certain European countries still experience lengthy wait times, as per travel agents.

The next available appointments for the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Switzerland are typically between April and May, while Italy currently has little to no availability. However, countries like Greece, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Budapest may have appointments as early as March or April, though processing times can take four to eight weeks.

Despite this, there are still several countries that process visas quickly. Here are some European countries that currently offer speedy visa processing per report of CNTraveller:


According to travel agents, the visa processing times in this particular European country are faster than other countries. As of Monday evening, appointments in Mumbai were available as early as Tuesday, March 14, and the processing time is only 2-3 days, allowing for travel as early as this month if an appointment is scheduled promptly.

Beach in Malaga, Spain
Beach in Malaga, Spain

Required documents include a completed Schengen visa application form, a recent passport-size color photo, a passport with at least 3 months’ validity and two blank pages, proof of funds for the trip, documents demonstrating the purpose of the visit and intention to exit the Schengen area before visa expiration, proof of residency in the consular demarcation, and travel medical insurance.

The Spain visa costs Rs7,035
Flights are available from Mumbai to Barcelona via Saudia, Qatar Airways, and Etihad Airways, with tickets starting at Rs34,748.
While the visa allows travel within the Schengen area, the country where the holder spends the most time must be Spain.


An e-visa for entry to Armenia is available for Indian nationals, which is valid for 21 days. The official website states that the processing time is typically about three working days. To apply, a passport, completed visa application, and a color photo are required.

Panorama of Yerevan city, Armenia
Panorama of Yerevan city, Armenia

Providing additional documentation such as air tickets, hotel reservations, an invitation letter, proof of financial means, travel health insurance, and passport pages with other visas is strongly recommended.

The cost of the Armenian visa is Rs1,599.
Flights from Mumbai to Yerevan are available via Air Arabia, Vistara, and Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, with tickets starting at Rs16,400.

However, it is important to note that this visa does not provide access to other European countries.


Although Indian nationals visiting Sweden require a stamped visa, travel agents report that the processing time is much shorter compared to other European countries. As of Monday evening, appointments were available in Mumbai for Tuesday, March 14, in Bengaluru for Wednesday, March 15, and in Delhi for Thursday, March 16, according to the VFS website.

Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden. Photo by Raphael Andres on Unsplash

The VFS website states that the processing time is about 20 days, but travel agents suggest that the visa can be obtained in as little as two weeks. Required documents include a completed Schengen visa application, one photograph, a valid passport and previous passports, proof of accommodation such as hotel bookings, a certificate from a travel agency confirming an organized trip or travel itinerary, return flight tickets, proof of funds, and overseas medical insurance.

The Sweden visa costs Rs6,900 for Indian citizens.
Flights from Mumbai to Stockholm are available via LOT Polish Airlines and Qatar Airways, with tickets starting at Rs36,000. While the visa provides access to other European countries, proof of maximum stay in Sweden is required to apply for the visa.


Indian nationals visiting Georgia can opt for an e-visa that enables them to stay in the country for up to 30 days. The official website states that the processing time is approximately five working days.

Panorama of Tbilisi, Georgia
Panorama of Tbilisi, Georgia. Photo by Kent Tupas on Unsplash

Required documents include a passport that is valid for six months, a personal cover letter explaining the purpose of the visit, a return ticket, proof of accommodation, two recent color photographs, travel itinerary, and a bank statement that confirms sufficient finances.

The Georgian visa cost is Rs2,700 for Indian citizens
Flights from Mumbai to Tbilisi are available through IndiGo, Air Arabia, British Airways, and Gulf Air, with ticket prices starting at Rs27,500.

Please note that the visa does not provide access to other European countries, and a Schengen visa is required if you intend to travel to other countries.


To visit Finland, Indian nationals must obtain a short-term physical visa, but according to travel agents, the processing time is faster than other European countries. Processing time: According to the VFS website, the earliest available appointment in Mumbai was on March 14th, while in Bengaluru and New Delhi it was on March 23rd.

Helsinki, Finland. Photo by Tapio Haaja
Helsinki, Finland. Photo by Tapio Haaja

The processing time for a Finland visa is approximately 15 days, but travel agents claim it can be quicker. Documents: The required documents include a completed Schengen visa application form, a passport valid for at least three months, travel medical insurance, proof of itinerary and accommodation, proof of employment/studies, proof of sufficient funds, and a valid Indian residence permit.

The cost of the visa fee of Finland is Rs7,000 for Indian citizens.
Flights: Lufthansa and Vistara offer flights from Mumbai to Helsinki, with tickets starting at Rs28,000.

Access to the rest of the European Union: The visa allows travel to other European countries, but proof of a maximum stay in Finland is necessary to apply for the visa.

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