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Air India Express website sees a increase in bookings

Air India Express & Air Asia India - One Sky, One Home, One Destination

The new website of the airline has recorded a surge of 125% in visits, as reported by the company.


The website of Air India Express has seen a significant increase in bookings following recent modifications.

The recent integration of Air India Express and AirAsia India reservation systems, now known as AIX Connect, resulted in increased bookings on the new website. The Tata Group, which owns both budget airlines, is taking steps towards merging them, and consolidating their customer-facing processes was one of the initial moves. The positive response indicates a promising outcome.

Increase in reservations

After recent changes, the joint website for Air India Express and AirAsia India ( is drawing a large number of customers. On March 27th, the Air India Group declared the unification of the two budget airlines’ reservation systems into a single platform.

As per the airline, the website has experienced a surge in traffic just days after launch, and on its very first day, it generated more than 25% of the revenue from international flights. The integrated website is bringing customers to both airlines, creating a unified commercial ecosystem.

With the reservation system now in place, Air India Express and AirAsia India are turning their attention towards implementing a common airport check-in system in a phased manner across all international terminals in India, followed by the global network.

Aloke Singh, Managing Director of Air India Express and AirAsia India, expressed his enthusiasm for the new website, stating that it exemplifies the airlines’ larger objective of presenting the strength and scope of the Air India network in a unified customer experience. The airlines plan to continue to add unique features and integrated services to further enhance the customer experience and solidify their position in the market.

Dubai Tops the List of Traffic Sources for Air India Express Website

Air India Express has released a breakdown of the top traffic sources for its website, with Dubai leading the list. Other international sources include Abu Dhabi, Doha, Sharjah, and Singapore.

This is not surprising as the Middle East is an important market for the airline, with Dubai being particularly significant. Air India Express has made changes to its Dubai flight network, removing major cities like Delhi and Mumbai (still served by Air India) and adding Goa and Indore as new non-stop connections to Dubai.

AirAsia India has been successful in drawing domestic traffic to the website, primarily from its major markets in Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai. These cities have been significant contributors to the airline’s growth, and the unified website has made it easier for customers to access both airlines’ services.

Apart from the integrated website, Air India Express and AirAsia India also share common social media handles across various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This creates a consistent brand experience for customers, with a unified voice and messaging across all channels.

Furthermore, the airlines have established 24*7 customer support on a common WhatsApp number, Facebook Messenger, and the joint website. This ensures that customers have a seamless and hassle-free experience when seeking assistance or making inquiries.

The integration of the reservation system, combined social media handles, and centralized customer support are all part of the larger objective of presenting a unified customer experience for Air India Express and AirAsia India. These steps will help the airlines to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and deliver a more comprehensive and seamless service to their customers.

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